Modern Psalms: Finding Joy in the Waiting

“I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word, I put my hope. I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning.” (Psalm 130: 5-6, NIV)

Hey Pops,

Lately, you’ve been teaching me a lot about patience, and it feels like I’ve been waiting on all fronts.

A quick scroll through social media puts me under the microscope with false expectations of what my peers think I should have by now: a wild career in corporate America, a gleaming engagement ring on my finger, tons of stamps in my passport, or a trendy apartment somewhere. All things that read success and happiness to the uninvolved, near-sighted bystander, yet all are empty endeavors without

the fullness of you behind it.

There is something that all those filter-heavy, Instagram-hungry people still miss. And there’s something I have to remind myself of and encourage myself to chase every day.

This world will always paint a picture for me when it comes to what my life should look like. It will always fill in my blanks if I don’t diligently watch over and maintain them. It will always make noise where you’ve asked me to be still and silent.

I know in your word you ask me to seek your kingdom first and wait. And in that seeking and waiting, you will fill in my blanks. Instead of restlessly grabbing at and trying to strongarm life into looking the way I think it should, you ask me to wait for you to fulfill your promises to me.

Waiting has never been my strong suit. Patience has never been my most apparent trait. But I will temper it and learn to be content in it because you have asked me to. I want to honor you in it, even when it is very hard to hold my ground and wait.

Help me to not step out from behind you, Lord. Help me to wait for your appointed time and not reach for things you don’t intend for me to have yet.

God, your timing is careful and perfect. I yield to you and I know you haven’t forgotten the desires in my heart. I trust that you will stay true to me, and so I ask that you would help me to remember that you are still for me, even in those moments where I am weak; even in those moments that I feel you are taking your sweet, sweet time with the blessing.

Show me how to cherish this season of waiting. Give me joy in this moment that you have asked me to hide myself in you. Give me the strength to hold my ground, even when my whole heart feels like it’s going to burst from the excitement of what you have at the end. Help me to not be distracted by the expectation of this world, but instead, remind me of the unique opportunity you have given to intimately know you.

Calm my heart, Jesus, and never stop calling me away to yourself. Quiet my busy nature and teach me to listen. I only want your vision for my life. I only want your answers to my blank and ready spaces. I want your voice to be the one I tune my ear to and pursue. Wake me up each morning with an attentive ear, and send me off to sleep with contentment in the future you have so meticulously made for me.

So no matter the wait, Lord, I ask that you would give me joy in the season and I ask that you would teach me and love me through it.

I give you room to speak, Pops, and I give you permission to take the time you need to complete your work.

I love you. Talk to you soon, Cortney

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